Divorce and Bankruptcy:

Are you preparing for or in the process of divorce and need advice regarding a marital debt, or has your former spouse filed for bankruptcy?


Financial pressures can count among the stresses of a collapsing marriage. Couples facing divorce often must determine how best to deal with their marital debts either before or following their divorce. Howard Rothbloom is experienced in advising clients about how to deal with their debts as part of the divorce-planning process, including advising when to file a bankruptcy case (and under which chapter) to obtain the most effective relief, and how to negotiate a divorce settlement to lead to the best possible bankruptcy outcome.

Our attorneys are also experienced in representing individuals as creditors in their former spouses’ bankruptcy cases. The Bankruptcy Code treats divorce related debts uniquely. Claims for domestic support (such as child support and alimony) are never dischargeable in bankruptcy, and other divorce-related debts require special consideration. Our representation of former spouses includes preparing and filing claims ensuring that claims are treated and paid properly, when applicable, and filing and prosecuting motions to dismiss and objections to dischargeability to protect our clients’ interests.

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